How Marcha works

Keep up with the times, without spending a dime. Join the revolution and learn how to barter with Marcha to save money and live sustainably.

Upload what you want to barter

Start off by signing up to Marcha & listing the items you wish to barter. After choosing a category, you can go into the details

Browse and send an offer

Once you find something that you like, you can send an offer. In the offer, attach one of your own listings with the option of adding cash as well. In the offer, you also choose the method of delivery: meetup or courier.

Iron out the details

Does the other party want to meet up instead? Easy; they can send a counteroffer. Open offers appear in your chat with the other user so you can seamlessly negotiate.

Close the deal

Once both parties have agreed on the deal, you can then choose the delivery method. For meet-ups, you can decide on a location. For post, you have to ship it to our warehouse. Like this, we can carry out the swap with security.

Receive and review

Once you have received your parcel, mark your item as received and leave a review for your trade partner. That’s it!

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