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The barter system, modernised for the 21st century. Join Marcha, London’s first barter platform and trade for what you need, without cash.

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How it works

Upload your item

Start off by listing the items you wish to barter. After choosing the category, you can go into the details

Browse & send an offer

Find something you like? Choose one of your listings & send an offer. You have the option of adding cash as well.

Close the deal

Once both parties have agreed to swap, you can choose the delivery method. For meet-ups, you can decide on a location.

Receive & Review

Once you have recived your parcel, mark your item as delivered and leave a review for your trade partner. That’s it!

Back to our roots

About Us

With its roots set in the Middle East, the term Marcha refers to what was once a global norm and still is in many societies and industries, the barter system.

We are dedicated to providing a modern and efficient barter platform that is equipped to deal with the 21st century consumer. Through Marcha, we want to empower our users by allowing them to take their value into their own hands and creating their own currency. By making every deal possible, we want users to be able to get what they want without being constrained by cash.

Simultaneously, we want to connect traders globally so that they can build their network and expand their distribution channels.

Our goal is to create an ecosystem that emphasises and enables financial freedom and financial creativity to rediscover your lost value.

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