Back to our roots

With deep-rooted origins in Asia, the word 'Marcha' is a tribute to the age-old barter system, symbolizing the essence of swapping, sharing, and connecting with others.

About us

Did you know the average UK household has around £3,000 of unused goods? Whether it's that old sweater in your closet or the forgotten phone in the corner of your drawer, Marcha allows you to unlock their value.

Welcome to Marcha, the modern and efficient barter platform for 21st-century consumers. Our mission is to empower users by restoring value to their hands. At Marcha, we believe in making every deal possible, allowing users to get what they want without spending money. Our goal is to create a platform that fosters financial freedom and creativity, helping you rediscover lost value.

Furthermore, in today's modern consumer culture, wastefulness has become pervasive. The products we buy often become dead capital in our homes and eventually landfill waste. This business matters to us as it presents us with a challenge to solve: How can we help people achieve financial freedom? How can we assist people in retaking control over all their assets? One person's trash is another person's treasure, and our goal is to match these two parties.

And where better to launch this revolution than in London, the global hub of diversity and innovation, where fashion and technology intertwine? We understand the challenges of keeping up with trends while living in an expensive city, so we offer a solution. Introducing Marcha, the platform that taps into the untapped potential lying within your household.

With Marcha, you can trade your way by bartering with our community and get what you need without being constrained by cash. Whether you're a trader seeking opportunities, or an individual looking to save money and be eco-friendly, Marcha is your ultimate destination. We are here to redefine how you exchange goods, enabling you to embrace a more sustainable and resourceful lifestyle. Join us today and unlock a world of bartering possibilities!

Our values

We believe in the power of bartering because it aligns with our philosophy of self-governance and sovereignty; these values guide our work and motivate us to build something that financially empowers people.

Financial Freedom.
Don't be held back by tight finances, barter for what you need.
Everything you own can be an asset, reclaim your power over your purchases.
Build meaningful relationships and expand your network by bartering within your neighbourhood.
Slow down your consumption and repurpose your items to live a sustainable life.
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